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Over the years Mike Ward Personal Training has tailored fitness and nutritional plans to individuals, and seen lives changed over and over again.


What sets us apart from other personal training companies is we recognize everybody is different!! We provide bespoke fitness & wellbeing training services designed to suit ‘your’ needs and help you reach your goals. But what we do isn’t just about training and nutrition; we are also here to educate you.

By giving you all the knowledge you need to make permanent life changes. We ensure that once you reach your goal weight or fitness ability, you’ve have the tools and knowledge you need to stay there.


Here at MWPT we pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goal, whether it be weight loss, building muscle, lifestyle changes or general motivation.







We Believe In Building Relationships

Training without guidance can be a real struggle, 92% of people fail when trying to achieve their fitness goals on their own. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the support and guidance you need in a friendly and enjoyable way, in order for you to make sustainable change.


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We’ve had the privilege over the years to have changed many lives for the better using smart training and advanced nutritional guidance. Read some of the kind words written by our dedicated clients.

Client Testimonials

Mike Ward Personal Training are caring trainers who are striving to help and empower
individuals to a healthier lifestyle.
We will work within our Code of Values to ensure that everyone we train will move closer to
becoming the person they want to become and achieving the goals they want to achieve.

The MWPT philosophy is all about helping and educating people on their
health & fitness journey to create the life they hope for and to experience total wellbeing!

MWPT trainers promise to focus on each and every client’s individual needs and goals.
Having a business that doesn’t focus on client results doesn’t make sense. It is all about
your results and transforming your life in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

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