5 reasons you may not be losing weight!!

There are possibly many more reasons than the few I’ve listed below and thats not taking into account all the technical mumbo jumbo.

We first need to look at the basics, which are sometimes overlooked by coaches looking for the more scientific explanation.

Are your expectations realistic?

You want that cover model body – the one all the magazines say we should look like. That body that keeps popping up on your instagram feed and you want it now!. Where in reality you have been overweight for years. What we have to firstly address here is the changes that need to be made to your current lifestyle and where your current mindset is.

This is no quick fix!! Even if you have everything on point you’ll realistically lose somewhere between 0.5-2lb of fat per week. We also need to look at the question WHY?? Do you really want to live the strict dedicated lifestyle these fitness models lead?

Are you eating too much?

Its that same old story – I’ve been good all week! Eating healthy and exercising well Mon-Fri… then the weekend hits and BOOM!! Processed junk foods, booze and a lack of protein, that added with the weekend lie in and chill all day watching the tv.

Think about what you eat throughout the whole week. If we know we are out on a Sat night, plan through the week. Remember they ain’t invisible calories in that weekend treat.

Are you moving enough?

Once you have more balance in your eating its time to get your arse moving. Yes exercise is important!!. A typical workout will burn around 300kcal (depending on volume and intensity). But 10,000 steps might burn 500kcal. So adding a lunchtime walk into your daily routine might just be what your body needs. Take the stairs or park your car a little further away from your office.

Do you want it enough?

This, I find, is very common. We all love the idea of having that beach body, but, are we willing to put in the graft or make the lifestyle changes to get it? This is a question I think we all need to ask at the beginning or any plan or goal setting. What is going to motivate you? Who are you accountable to? Do you care enough about that person in the mirror?

It is easy to find excuses. I don’t have time to meal prep or train… but I caught up on all my soaps last night. What is important here is to really understand that to lose body fat (or weightloss) – we need a lifestyle change.

Is your life to stressful?

You most likely make time for family, work, friends, social media etc… but do you make time for YOU! I know in the past I was terrible for feeling guilty about putting myself first. Find YOUR way to relax. Some light fictional reading or meditation before bed, get out for a walk and time to think (my personal fav). Also don’t underestimate how important sleep is, make sure you get a good quality night sleep.

So to sum it up. Before you start reaching for the magic weightloss shake, or drastically reducing your calories, or even spending 2 hours a day in the gym. Have a look at your lifestyle – can you make some subtle changes to help, do you just need to plan your week a little better or is it as simple as getting off your ass and moving more?