Do I have the Perfect Lifestyle??

As trainers and coaches we try and portray the perfect lifestyle. Eating clean perfect meals and smashing each and every training session, every day of our lives. Boom!!

But… Is this realistic?

Shit NO! We are normal people after all and we too will have the good and bad days. We to will fall off the ‘clean eating’ wagon. We too will have to drag ourselves to the gym for that training session we really don’t want. We are only human after all (some may argue that fact).

I certainly have them days. Not feeling 100%. Do I beat myself up about not having the perfect breakfast? Do I regret not going and smashing that workout? Do I worry that I have not hit my macros perfectly, that I’m 20g over on my fats or 50g over my Carbs!!!


Sometimes I may just take a few hours to just chill. Get out in the fresh air and eat what I like (within reason). Do I go mad and think ‘fuck it’ and go on a mad bender… NO! But do i just try and chill out and eat what I fancy… YES!

Then tomorrow when I am back at 100%. That training session will get smashed and YES I will be back on track with my food. Revitalised and ready.

So what I am trying to say is that… It’s ok to have a day like this ‘occasionally’. And no you don’t need to feel guilty having one. If it’s what it takes to reset and charge the batteries. Then use it as a tool ready to get back on track. If these days are coming often, then maybe look at your training programme, look at the way your eating and prepping your food. If need be, make changes!!! Training and your Nutrition ‘NEED’ to be enjoyable. If we don’t enjoy what we do then we will never hit our goals!

If you need help…. Give us a shout 🙂