6 Week body Transformation!

My client Kirsty came to me a couple of months back after a heavy few weeks of partying. Kirsty wanted to make some big changes in her Body Composition. Kirst has trained with me for a good while now, so we just needed to take a hold of her Nutrition and educate her on what we should be eating and why. So we decided to trial my new ‘6 week body change plan’ (more on this coming soon). A nutrition plan was devised for her, nothing too drastic. No cutting Carbs. No low calorie diet. A good amount of food daily and always a decent amount of carbs. 3 meals a day plus a good amount of snacks (or smaller meals). 

Training was the easy bit for Kirst. She is a current member of our Better Bodies Sessions and also has a PT session with myself as extra. All we added was a few Evening and Weekend brisk walks with her husband. As you can see from the pics below Kirst has smashed her results out of the park!!! Focus, Planning and Preparation has helped her achieve fantastic results. And all the time building her knowledge on Nutrition and Training.

Read Kirsty’s Blog Below:

My 6 Week Body Change Mission

After a heavy few weeks of partying it was time to take things seriously which doesn’t come naturally to me. Training would be easy as I currently do five sessions a week (3 Better Bodies sessions and 1.5 Hours 1:1 PT) which I love. My initial worries were how I would stick to my six week food plan, not let my Personal Trainer, Mike down, not being able to eat beans on toast and definitely no more weekend kitchen parties with copious amounts wine. On top of that I would have to deal with daily temptations at work, including; amazing homemade cakes, sweets, biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, chippy Friday with the team, along with the 11am butty van.

I told a few of my colleagues what my next six weeks would consist of as you can imagine their comments went like this:

‘Really in this office?’ 

‘Good luck you’re going to need it!’

‘You don’t need to lose weight’ – (I hide my weight well)

‘What will you be doing?’

‘Balls to that, I love my food too much.’ 

I met up with Mike to discuss my plan which was very straightforward but so different to what I was currently eating, which consisted of Joe Wicks Lean in 15. This was clearly not working.

Support & testing my resolve…

I was not expecting Jason my husband to support me the way he did, he made the decision to eat what I ate and train when I trained. Such a shame he didn’t take a before photograph, along with weekly pictures and measurements. He did, however try to encourage the wheels to fall off during shopping trips to Tesco, he was craving Crumpets, at least I held my resolve. I had a tin of beans in the cupboard should I crumble. The tin still remains in the cupboard now.

Building the Kitchen…

There was nothing to strip as the cupboards were bare, so off we go to do our first shop. Our normal shop cost around £75 a week our new shop cost around £40. With money saved additional Tupperware was purchased, 6 weeks later all I have is lids.

The food…

Mike worked out my daily allowance and my Macronutrient breakdown and devised a set menu for me. What to eat on training days and what to eat on rest days.  So all I need to do was weigh out chicken, salmon, veg more veg and even more veg along with Ostrich steak. Try getting my head around eating that at 7.30am. It was hard going and if I am honest it didn’t go down too well at that hour.

4ltrs of water a day – YIKES

The food preparation…

I am guessing for most people the food prep is the hardest when you have a busy work schedule. I had this down to a fine art. I turned into a 1970’s Dad and demanded my tea on the table for when I walked through the door, poor Jason.. Jason doubled up all the food for the following day, he has done a grand job.

The motivation…

At the back of my head I could not let Mike down. This was my opportunity to work towards my Cambodian beach body. Being mentally strong I knew this would be a challenge but I was determined not to let myself or Mike down.

Reporting to Mike….

Each week I needed to answer a number of questions for Mike along with my weekly photos and measurements. Jason had the honour of being my photographer at 6am every Tuesday morning.

WEEK 1: 23.08.16 – 30.08.16

How you have felt over the past week:

Overall last week was a test to see if I can do it for the next 5 weeks. I feel that going into my 2nd week, I am more aware of what to expect and when I feel at my lowest point. Last week I was all over the place as this was such a shock.

The weekend killed me with it being bank holiday, I felt lost and very agitated. I found myself standing at the fridge on numerous occasions.

With me eating breakfast so early by 11am I could have eaten my lunch. 6pm I am ready for my evening meal. I need to plan my snacks because by 6pm I am so ready to eat.

I struggled to eat ostrich steak for my breakfast with it being so dry but powered through.

After my evening meal I feel as if I need some sugar but have resisted.

The office is filled with homemade cakes, sweets, fruit, chippy and Chinese lunches I resisted all. My work buddies have supported me even though Emma had beans on toast in front of me. Biggest support has come from Jase.

Any changes in your sleep pattern:

Monday – Thursday woke up many times throughout the night.

Friday to current day slept through which has been great I feel refreshed when I get up.

Any changes in toilet movements:

No different apart numerous weeeeee’s from all the water.

How are your Energy levels:

Feel great however say about 11am I’m ready for my lunch and when driving home I could murder all food that’s not on my plan, I become grumpy.

How and when you have come off plan:

I ate two chocolate biscuits without realising, a few additional rice cakes as I was craving sugar felt very light headed.

Water intake is an issue for me struggling massively as I dislike water. Last week we had so many changes in work with desk moves and meetings etc, I simply forgot to drink.

Have you followed the meal plan exactly?:

No, I did go out for lunch and dinner over the weekend. I had a plain chicken breast and veg from Nando’s no sauce on Saturday.

Sunday we went out for my sisters birthday, I went to A’la Turka had vegetables and breast of chicken no sauce. I have used garlic the past 2 days in my foods. (Mike confirmed not allowed at this stage of the plan eeeekkkk I never read the instructions).

If not what changes have you made:

Staying positive after a hard week and seeing week 1 pictures, this has given me the inspiration to kick on.


Completely shocked with the first week results, visually you can see the changes in the pictures but not in my clothes at this stage.

Messages to Mike

“I can do this Mike but last week was all about re-educating me and boy it was hard going, however I am focused and ready to power through. I feel better than I did 10 days ago but I so need beans on toast”.

WEEK 2: 31.08.16 – 06.09.16

How you have felt:

Great, again the weekend was a struggle. I baby sat over the weekend so stayed at home with my niece and nephew. Food TV adverts killed me, but having seen today’s pictures I’m amazed as to what I have achieved.

Any changes in sleep:

No not at all asleep by 10pm awake when alarm goes off.

Any changes in Toilet movements:

Regular as ever.

Energy levels:

Great energy levels, I have saved my snacks for much later on as I dip about 5pm.

How and when you have come off plan:

Had no alcohol at all this week, I had one very little biscuit at 3pm and an inch of cake (not going to lie, birthday in the office).

Have you followed the meal plan exactly?:

Yes apart from water intake bordering 3-5lts a day and not had the oats snack. Today is my first day as I’m not keen on oats but will eat it and man up.

If not what changes have you made:

I have watched Tony Robbins ‘Mindshift’ videos this week staying focused, ensuring my food is prepped and enjoyable

I am so glad we have switched Ostrich steak out for Salmon.

Message to Mike

“Just want to say you are an outstanding Coach having the time to spend with me knowing what I am like has overwhelmed me. The pictures today shows your knowledge and support – big thanks “

Kirsty – “It’s not easy Mike”

Mike – “If you want the results Kirst you need to stick closely to the plan of action”

Kirsty – “I know it’s changing the focus and dealing with the lows and transferring them to highs, I’m so out my comfort zone”

Mike – “What are the lows you mention? put them into perspective 🙂 are they really lows?”


The previous day I was having a wobble so to see this week’s pictures was a huge shock. I could not believe how the Body Fat is falling off me, this gave me such a buzz the following weeks became easy.

People now are noticing the changes and my work clothes are feeling really loose.

I had lost just short of 4 kilo’s at this point. This is where I was fully engaged and believed in myself. Beach body in the making.

My Summary…

As you can see from my pictures my Body Fat was dropping off me this is all down to my commitment, the support from Mike and Jase along with all my work mates. By week 3 no one asked what I had for lunch, as they all knew it would be chicken or fish & veg.

After 3 weeks Mike asked what day I would like to have my refeed day so he could build this into my plan. “Saturday!” was my answer, as it was our 4 year wedding anniversary. All I wanted was burger and chips.

I was so excited for my burger and glass of wine, how disappointed was I?

I could only eat half my burger I was so overwhelmed by the food, a glass of wine lasted me an hour, a cheap date, that’s for sure.

I felt sick, had acid indigestion, couldn’t sleep and woke up on Sunday with a food hangover. From this day I have enjoyed my own meals so much, I never feel sluggish or stuffed.

The following weeks my measurements dropped again, to the point where now none of my clothes fit. As Jase always say’s it’s a good problem to have.

I have a gorgeous outfit that I have never worn still with tags as I felt too podgy around my waist. I could not believe when I tried it on for my mates 40th the pants no longer fit and are far too big.

You can clearly see how much my body has changed over the past 6 weeks I for one never imaged how much.

Thanks Mike xx

Mike Ward_gd Mike Ward_gd