Client Interview – Hayley Davidson

Next in the series of interviews with my clients. 

Next up to be questioned is all round machine Hayley Davidson. Hayley came to me a couple of years ago. Having trained with other PTs, ran marathons and spent time everyday in the gym. The problem was…. her knee was bust! So a good deal of our time was spent strengthening her knee’s as well as building her nutritional knowledge. Now Hayley holds all the women’s lifting records in the studio, constantly gets PBs, has an awesome balanced diet…… and parties a lot!!! 🙂

Here I ask the awesome Hayley a few questions on why she started with MWPT and how she finds it…

Name: Hayley Davidson

Occupation: Retired for now.. Ex hairdresser Ex Ex Engineer

Date of Birth: 11.01.71

Family Commitments: 1 Husband 2 Sons 3 Stepsons 2 Grandsons

Fav Food: Cheese!!!

Fav Colour: Green

Fav TV Programe: Comedy… Mock The Week, bring back Phoenix Nights!

Fav Musical Artist or Band: Stuck in the early 90’s anything from Nivarna to Pulp with a double helping of Stone Roses. Most listened to this month.. Radiohead

What was your starting goal with MWPT: Lose weight & regain lost fitness since injury.

How long have you trained with MWPT: 18 Months

What made you decide that you needed to make a change to your life and start PT: I’ve been running for over 10 years and been going to the gym for over 30 years.. (I know I don’t even look that old!!) I’ve met a lot of PT’s during that time and can honestly say I probably know more about fitness than most of them. I followed Mike on Twitter and attended a few of his boxing for fitness classes. (They were hard work.. ) So when I failed to recover quickly from my knee injury and piled the weight on I asked Mikes advice. He gave me loads of advice without badgering me into PT sessions about things I shouldn’t do training wise and about diet. I missed running.. Couldn’t do circuit classes as I couldn’t run or jump or lunge ? but I needed some motivation to keep me going..

How many times a week do you train: I train 5 times a week now but the main thing I do is listen to my body. If it says rest I rest.. Some days it says walk up a mountain after your PT session though.

How has personal training helped you in other aspects of your life: PT sessions have helped keep me sane through injury. I’m no Athlete but when you train as much as I did then can’t, it’s a low blow. I’ve learned to lift weights confidently so I don’t look a tit in the gym.. I’ve learned soooo much about diet. About how eating too little does you no favours at all.. (The hard way) But mainly the way I look at food. Knowing I don’t have to eat clean 24/7 as long as over the week you have some balance. I started thinking of my intake over a week rather than each day.

Have you achieved or are you achieving your goals: I’d like to think I’m achieving my goals. My knee is fixed now mainly thanks to all the rehab work I’ve done with Mike and all the wonderful work Laura Kirkham (Physio) has done. I know Mike has often contacted Laura to see what I’m capable/allowed to do before sessions. I’ve lost 14lbs now. I’m super chuffed with that and there’s a long way to go but I’m enjoying building muscle so the number on the scales is superficial really.

I’d never done any serious lifting before I met Mike and now I’m addicted. I can squat 100kg and deadlift 112.5kg at present. I’m more than capable of carrying any member of my family home from the pub.

What is your favourite part of Personal Training: My fav part of training is picking my towel up at the end ;). Though I do love the burn the next day. I always feel pushed. Mike wouldn’t be doing his job if I left with a spring in my step!

Would you recommend MWPT to others: I wouldn’t recommend him to anyone… ? ok, maybe just my best friend and training/running buddy.

How awesome is your trainer 😉

Seriously.. I’d give him 9/10 cause nobody gets a 10, just got to keep striving towards it!


Who would in in a fight Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali????: Not sure they’re in the same weight class ? They’d probably just have a quote off!