benefits of using Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

People have asked me, what are the benefits of using Coconut Oil and is it any good. I personally love using Coconut Oil to cook with as it has a lot of great health benefits and tastes awesome.

Saturated Fats which are necessary for cell function and growth.

Medium Chain Fatty Acids that are easily digested and sent straight to the liver for energy production.

Lauric Acid which helps fight viruses and diseases.

Not only can you use Coconut Oil with foods, its also great for your skin apparently… haven’t tried it myself 😉

Coconut Oil can improve moisture in the skin when used like a lotion. It can also act as sunscreen to protect the skin.

I use coconut oil in my Pre-Workout Coffee.. Why??

1. A decent ground Coffee is a natural source of caffeine, raising metabolism and increasing energy.

2. Coconut oil comprises mainly of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) – these fats are absorbed quickly by the body and are used immediately for energy as they require no further digestion by the liver.

3. Ketones from coconut oil are also a great energy source and have muscle sparing properties.

4.There is no rush/comedown that leaves you feeling tired for the rest of the day.

5. Its natural – a good coffee and raw virgin coconut oil have no artificial additives or chemical processing

6. It tastes awesome!!! miles better than these sweet tasting pre-workouts.

Give it a go!

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