Mike’s Mens Fitness Appearance

 (My Blog taken from Life Changing Fitness)

For my first blog as a Life Changing Fitness Coach, I wanted to share how I got started on the path. I have been a qualified PT for a good few years now and even though I had been getting great results for my clients I realised that I too, even as an experienced Personal Trainer, needed some help with my own goals. I was lucky enough to have the chance of working with Dan (Dan Wheeler LCF CEO) on an 8 week cut.

With the Nutritional help and guidance from Dan, I soon realised that by sticking to a more structured programme and Nutritional guide the results can be amazing!!

Straight away Dan spotted problems and made changes with my diet. Even though I was eating clean and healthy foods, some changes needed to be made, personal changes tailored to me. We started a ‘Carb Cycling’ plan, with me having Low Carb, Medium Carb and High Carb days. Now, at first this was easy and a great challenge. Weighing my foods, knowing what to eat when to eat various foods. But let me tell you, even though I thought I had been eating really well and healthily up to the plan, I soon noticed what I was missing! The few Beers after rugby on a Saturday, the biscuits sat watching television, etc. You can certainly see how things like writing your food intake down or mentally making a note of everything you eat helps. A lot of the time we just eat things because they are there or it is the easy option. It’s a lot easier to reach for that packet of crisps in the shop than it is to prepare a healthy nutritious snack…… or so I thought!!

Eventually, and not long into the plan, I found PREPARTION IS KEY!!! As the saying goes ‘Fail to prepare – Prepare to Fail! As my food quantities had all been sorted so I could hit my correct Macros (Macronutrients – Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats), I knew what food and how much I was going to eat. So after a big shop on the Sunday all my meat was weighed and bagged up. Then the night before I would just get out the food for the following day, cook/steam/zap it, box it up in Tupperware (every trainers best friend) and bobs your uncle, food all sorted for the next day. So there was no nipping to the local store because I had nothing to eat, it was all there waiting and ready.

Life certainly becomes easier when you have a plan! Be it the food you are going to eat, the training you’re going to do or even when or where you’re going to do it. So Remember – PREPARATION!!! And most importantly ‘DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!’; there is always somebody out there more knowledgeable and happy to help.

Following the 8 week plan with Daniel Wheeler, I was asked to attend a photo-shoot for Men’s Fitness. An extract from the article can be seen below.